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  • If you have a passion for fashion, and have a big heart, buy your first pair of Swappeez and together we can #ColorOurWorld and make a difference  Child at a time!

    The Swappeez girls club was inspired by two sisters Jorgie (13) and Joelle (10). These international girls have traveled extensively and have lived in quite a few places despite their young age. More than just pretty faces with a good heart: They are girls with multi-faced interests, positive attitudes and undeniable charisma with a desire to live with purpose, and make a difference in the world. They have more going on than just what meets the eye!

    Jorgie and Joelle are committed to setting a positive example for girls of all ages worldwide by supporting our mission; and therefore have become the faces of Swappeez.

    Coco, Kate, Sofia & Analiese are Swappeez Girls' Club Ambassadors. They are a select group of extraordinary well rounded girls in all facets of their lives. these girls are passionate, creative, fun, driven and committed to promoting the club's mission of helping support children in need while having fun expressing and sharing their personal styles with Swappeez. 

    Open to all ages. You too can become a part of our club!  Join us now and help us spread the word about how fun Swappeez sandals are and how great our mission is. 



    #ColorOurWorld #Swappeez

    Show us where & how your are wearing your Swappeez!

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