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  • Destination: paradise. Departure: tomorrow morning. Luggage situation: 62 linear inches, 50lbs maximum. Translation? This is every girl’s worst nightmare.

    It’s not easy packing when you’re a girl dreaming of crystal blue waters, endless beaches, and cute local shop fronts. You just want to get to your vacation destination but you’re left stressing how you’ll fit all of your cute outfits within the strict confines of airline luggage restrictions. A girl’s got to have her daywear, nightwear, swimwear and, of course, footwear!

    The dilemma is all too familiar, and for two sisters it ignited a brilliant idea that became a real-life solution. The sisters found themselves packing for their summer vacation ten years ago and decided the process just needed to be easier. They realized it could be if every girl had only one pair of sandals to complete all of her style and comfort needs. And so Swappeez, the limitless sandal, was born.

    Swappeez sandals

    Swappeez is the most versatile pair of summer sandals to have in any girl’s collection, and the most convenient and fashionable single pair of soles you’ll ever need to pack. Suitable for all ages, they are appropriate both day and night as you mix and match the interchangeable laces and accessory tops according to your unique personal style.

    In addition to revolutionizing the summer footwear world, Swappeez is committed to another mission that will make an impactful difference, one child at a time. Swappeez is proud to support Save the Children with proceeds from every purchase. Because together we can all make the world a better place for children in need, one stylish sole at a time!

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