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  • A Swappeez Ambassador is simply someone who loves Swappeez. She has a passion for fashion, and a big heart. She talks and posts about Swappeez regularly to her friends and followers online and offline. For every sale she refers,  she is compensated generously and contributes in helping to support more and more children in need worldwide through the SaveTheChildren organization. A win-win for all!

    We prefer to put money in your pockets and to support more children in need than spending on expensive advertising. So, every time you refer a customer our way, we will give them a 10% discount on their purchase, we'll pay you 7.5% of the sale as a thank you and we will match the amount to help support more and more children in need through the SaveTheChildren organization worldwide. 

    Want to join? 

    As long as you are 13+ you can sign up and you can literally start earning extra income in just a few minutes.

    You will be assigned your Ambassador ID# and receive access to your private dashboard where you can keep track of your activity and earnings, as well as have access to all kinds of great posting ideas, and tools to help you share and spread the word.  Join Now!

    This is how you can make some money & make a difference  child at a time!

    • Show genuine enthusiasm for your Swappeez, by wearing them and sharing your pictures.
    • Share links of any of our posts, videos and blogs.
    • Create 15-second videos and post them to Instagram.
    • If you have friends or followers who are interested in also becoming Ambassadors, by following your links or using your Ambassador ID# when purchasing their Swappeez, once they sign up for our Ambassador Program they will become Ambassadors under you. 

    As a Swappeez Ambassador, you will have fun, make a difference in the lives of children in need and make some money too!

    Join Now!

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