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  • Packing and The Art of Travel: Leaving the headache at home.

    The art of travel is just that—an art. How one travels and the way in which one travels is a reflection of a person’s individuality and personal taste. Where some people would prefer backpacking through Europe sans map or itinerary others would opt for a more luxuriously planned getaway. Whatever you’re style preference or mode of transportation, Swappeez offers the world traveler a limitless look book from head to toe—endless possibilities for casual day time chic or an elegant evening out. 

    Like traveling, packing can arguably be considered an art as well. Questions like what should I pack? How much should I pack? And have I overpacked? Are not uncommon. In many ways the art of packing is achieved by finding that delicate balance between utility and necessity without compromising fashionableness. In doing so, we must consider every possible option and pack accordingly. Factors such as location, climate, activities we plan on doing are just a few of the practical considerations one should take into account. However, we must also be flexible and pack lightly. Oftentimes, whether we’d like to admit this to ourselves or not, our holiday essentials can easily fit into one neatly packed carry-on bag. The most seasoned jet setter could attest to this first hand. Keeping it light and simple (without compromising personal style and chicness of course) can be far more desirable than being weighed down with multiple trunks and valises full of day clothes, evening clothes, sandals, flat shoes, evening shoes, and a myriad of accessories —essentially one’s entire wardrobe! We here at Swappeez could not agree more! 

    Here is a list of helpful tips and tricks you can use when planning for you’re next holiday: 

    Be Neutral. Cotton Whites, soft nudes, beiges, and more neutral toned colors are easy canvases to work off of. For that pop of color, simply add you’re choice of laces to a pair of Swappeez and you have a complete, well-balanced chic look from head to toe.

    Layer it up! We are big fans of layering light jackets and chemises over tank tops and sun dresses. Remember, even in the most tropical climates, it tends to get cooler in the evenings. For us, It’s all about flexibility, adaptability and not having to run up to you’re hotel room and change outfits at the slightest drop in temperature. Luckily, because the Swappeez sandal is so versatile in nature, switching looks with any combination of under or outerwear has never been easier. 

    Don’t be afraid to mix and match!  Fashion should be fun and playful. With Swappeez you can easily mix and match from a variety of laces and accessories day or night to reflect you’re personal style. 

    A little ‘bling’ can go a long way: To dress up you’re look, simply add our Marilyn tops to you’re Swappeez and voila! you can be ready and out the door for whether its for dinner or dancing the night away. We here at Swappeez are all about adding a little ‘bling’ to you’re look for a more formal feel while not compromising comfort! 


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